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IEMO - C.E.E.S.O. Partnership


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IEMO - C.E.E.S.O. Partnership
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The partnership agreement between I.E.MO. and C.E.E.S.O.., signed in 2010 in Paris by both the French and the Italian Osteopathy Training Centres, promoted further cooperation in the form of international Conferences and Meetings, and stimulated the mobility of osteopathy students and faculty to and from Italy and France: a unique opportunity for professional growth and cultural improvement, as proven by the French students enrolled at I.E.M.O.

At the time being, C.E.E.S.O. Institute certifies that the educational training followed by full-time I.E.M.O. students registered in Genova fully corresponds to the curriculum of osteopathy students in Paris and Lyon. After a long and strict standardization process, studying Osteopathy in Genova today is perfectly equivalent to studying in Paris: the same quality standards provide an equivalent international training accreditation, in compliance with the laws in force in the two countries, as well as better professional practice prospects in Italy and abroad.

Italian osteopaths aspire to become health professionals. Some of them are aware that this ambitious goal can be accomplished only by referring to those European Countries where more progress has been made in this field. Furthermore, any effort aiming at standardizing Italian educational training by complying with the best and most accredited international criteria represents an important credential, paving the way for the legislators willing to define proper professional standards to protect people's health.

In our time and in this continent, professionals operating in many complex and heterogeneous fields increasingly need to be firmly grounded in quality training. IEMO, together with its partners, is deeply committed to achieving this goal, as well as to extending its development lines on the basis of international experiences and exchanges.