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Full-time program


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Un centro europeo di eccellenza per l'insegnamento dell'Osteopatia

Full-time Osteopathy Program  


The full-time program offered by IEMO trains new Osteopaths in compliance with the current best and most strict international rules and regulations.

After 5 years of study, degree holders can operate in Italy and in Europe on a self-employed and legitimate basis, effectively serving within a complementary setting in the existing healthcare system.

Official requirements and certificates objectively prove the quality of IEMO curricula and, consequently, the professional skills of our graduates, thus protecting patients' health.


Course Director:
Sig. Luigi Ciullo, D.O.

  • Genova - San Martino Hospital / Castello Simon Boccanegra.

Admission Requirements:
  • Five-year high-school diploma or international equivalent;
  • Motivational interview and restricted enrollment ("numerus clausus" test).

  • A total of 1600 study hours per year, including 800 hours of school attendance (60 European ECTS credits per year, 34 weeks of school lessons from October to June);
  • Students are required to attend at least 85% of the class hours scheduled for each course;
  • Clinical training at the school infirmary from the third year (each students takes part to the treatment of at least 100 patients in the last three years of study);
  • Previous credits obtained at scientific universities could be counted.
Costs: Please refer to "IEMO Education Contract" (see Administration - Online Documents).

  • Authorization by M.I.U.R., the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research;
  • Enrollment subject to motivational interview ("numerus clausus");
  • Classes are held in international partnership with C.E.E.S.O., the legally recognized institute based in Paris - Saint Denis. An agreement signed by both European institutes regulates continuous activities to ensure interchangeability of European level educational protocols, as well as student and faculty interchange. Shared educational methods comply with the best scientific education criteria in Osteopathy as established by W.H.O.;


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