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Educational Authorization


Educational Authorization by M.I.U.R. - Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research

On July 4, 2011, following a direct audit by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, IEMO obtained the first Italian official authorization for the teaching of Osteopathy in Genova, in compliance with the national laws in force. The official document contains sensitive information and is therefore shown only at IEMO offices during guidance interviews.

This authorization does not automatically confer a legal value to the study certificates granted by IEMO. In fact, no professional licensure can be issued in Italy in the absence of a suitable legislation. However, whilst awaiting the Italian recognition of Osteopathy to come into operation, this authorization reflects a distinctive and fundamental feature which uniquely characterizes IEMO, thereby offering its students both teaching quality and professional prospects.

Therefore, we believe that MIUR authorization, together with the other educational accreditations awarded by IEMO, can best improve the operative legitimacy of our osteopaths and, consequently, the quality and competitiveness of their professional activity.